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What is involved?

Being apart of a performance and or competition team at ACPA is a life changing experience for all students. It is a pathway for those that strive to take their education to the next level. There are several benefits to being involved in a competition team of which include specialised and focussed training, team building, the ability to be involved in competitions, fast improvement in skill set and more…

Our mission is to provide each member with a tailored training program to ensure his or her continued growth and education. We dedicate many hours to teams, performances and competitions and look forward to you joining one of our ACPA teams today!

Which team should I audition for?

To be eligible to audition for one of our teams, you are required to be flat in all 3 splits as well as show great discipline, worth ethic and enthusiasm. Deciding which team to audition for may be a discussion you need to have with our staff. See team options below:

The Australian Company of Performing Arts is launching its season of ‘A Whole New World’ this July! A perfect school holiday activity – one you will not want to miss!

But what is this children production actually about? Well everyone knows the story of Aladdin right? The begger who steals from the rich to feed the poor… Imagine if you had your very own genie, one that could grant you three wishes. Remember that you cannot wish for more wishes – it’s against Genie Labour Laws.

Ticket Prices: Admit one $12.00 | Family of 4 $40.00 | BOOK HERE

ACPA's Mid Year Show is one of our favourite days in the calendar, allowing students the opportunity to showcase their skills learnt over the past semester.

Click here to BOOK NOW:

Please click here to get access to our amazing photos from our 2015 End of Year Production!

Wondering what to do with the kids these school holidays? Check our our Adelaide based program coming January 2016...

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