Diploma In Dance Teaching and Management - CUA50313

ACPA’s Diploma in Dance Teaching & Management course develops both the skills and knowledge to teach dance in a variety of genres along with the fundamentals of managing your own business.

This qualification reflects the role of dance teachers and dance studio managers with the cognitive and communication skills to transmit skills and knowledge to others. At this level individuals are expected to apply theory and creative skills in a range of situations and to display initiative and judgement in planning activities.

They have autonomy in performing complex technical operations and can be responsible for planning, coordinating and evaluating the work of others within broad but generally well-defined parameters.

Diploma In DanceTeaching and Management CUA50313 - Course Info

Training Components

Over the course of 12 months or 2 years part time, students will cover a variety of different topic such as:

  • Dance technique training
  • Practical teaching sessions
  • Creating and performing complex dance pieces
  • Stage Managing • Assisting with productions
  • Management and operational strategies
  • Small business management – finance and marketing
  • Safe workplace practices
  • Implementing business policies and procedures
  • Anatomy and nutrition principles

Students are required to upload significant evidence for proving competency.

Assessment includes observation of practical demonstrations over a period of time and submission of a portfolio including various assignments and evidence of assessor judgment of performance.