ACPA is excited to be able to offer SACE dance to students from years 10-12.  Our students are able to train in styles such as jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary while covering course topics such as dance theory, performance, technique and choreography.

SACE dance is perfect for the student who wishes to further develop their dance while still at school, paving the pathway for their future studies in the arts.

They will be given the opportunity to develop creative, technical and physical understanding of dance as an art form. Developing their skills in theory and practice through the study of technique, composition, choreography, performance and critical analysis.


What are the requirements?

To be successful in SACE dance, students will be required to attend a minimum of 5 hours per week (3 hours of technique classes and a 2 hour theory class).  Your technique classes can be in Tap, Jazz, Ballet or Contemporary.

Stage 1 Dance is a 20 credit SACE subject taken over the course of the year. Assessment components include: Technique 25%, Composition 25%, Performance 30% and Response 20%. Students must complete all units in order to be successful in passing Stage 1 dance. 

Stage 2 Dance is a 20 credit SACE subject taken over the course of the year.  The subjects 3 main assessment components are: Skill Development 50% (Covering - technique, choreography and choreographic folio), Written responses 20% (a historical and a contemporary issues essay) and an external Performance exam 30%.


Opportunities for SACE dance students!

Studying SACE dance provides many opportunities to students and allows them to gain life skills that will assist them with their future studies in a variety of different areas. For those who are looking for a path into the dance industry, SACE dance is the perfect stepping-stone for students

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